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Timberdark by Darren Charlton

Author: Darren Charlton

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Page Count:384

Date Published:1 Sep 2022



The enthralling sequel to former Waterstones Children’s Book Prize category winner Wranglestone places Peter and Cooper in even greater danger as they attempt to decipher the sinister eponymous codeword before the Dead mount their next assault.

With the tide turned against the Dead, Peter and the remaining community on Wranglestone prepare to leave for town, where the comforts of the world before await them. Could this be the home that finally brings both safety and unity for all?

Cooper isn’t so sure. He harbours feelings from that terrible night on the lake and worse, a secret… codename, Timberdark.

With Cooper’s new found connection to the Dead, Peter’s suspicions about what he might do next grow. Faced with losing the boy he loves, Peter must uncover the truth about the mysterious Timberdark before their future together and the world around them is placed in danger.

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