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Trust by Hernan Diaz

Author:  Hernan Diaz


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Page Count:416

Date Published:1 Jun 2023




WINNER of the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Longlisted for the Booker Prize, One of Barack Obama’s Favourite Books of the Year, The Sunday Times Bestseller

Trust is a sweeping puzzle of a novel about power, greed, love and a search for the truth that begins in 1920s New York. Can one person change the course of history?A Wall Street tycoon takes a young woman as his wife. Together, they rise to the top in an age of excess and speculation.

Now a novelist is threatening to reveal the secrets behind their marriage. Who will have the final word in their story of greed, love and betrayal?Composed of four competing versions of this deceptive tale, Trust by Hernan Diaz brings us on a quest for truth while confronting the lies that often live buried in the human heart.

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