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Trusting Blake (The MILA Trilogy 2)

Trusting Blake (The MILA Trilogy 2) by Estelle Maskame

Author: Estelle Maskame

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Page Count:304

Date Published:11 Nov 2021



The electrifying sequel to Becoming Mila… following Blake and Mila through the heat-filled days of a tempestuous summer. What the hell just happened?! One cheating dad, one furious mom, and Mila stuck in the middle.

Enter chaos. Hit by an onslaught of revelations, Mila’s life is turned upside down. And when her A-list parents jet in from LA, they bring nothing but conflict, leaving Mila feeling betrayed and her Tennessee fun at a standstill.

But Blake is still there – with his easy smile, comforting touch and his guitar – and Mila turns to him more and more. Things are heating up between them and the pressure is becoming intense. As the drama unfolds between their families and life starts to unravel, can Mila and Blake keep it together as summer draws to a close?

Becoming Mila (The MILA Trilogy), Trusting Blake (The MILA Trilogy 2), The Making of Mila and Blake (The MILA Trilogy 3)

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