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When You Call My Name

When You Call My Name by Tucker Shaw

Author: Tucker Shaw

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Page Count:368

Date Published:2 Jun 2022



A heartrending novel about two gay teens coming of age in New York – perfect for fans of It’s a Sin and Adam Silvera.

It’s 1990 in New York City. Adam is falling in love for the first time.

Ben is leaving home for the last. Drawn by the city’s irresistible energy, the boys are swept up into the queer scene, where the potential for life and love seems limitless. But as the shadows of prejudice gather, Ben and Adam discover how their newfound community is facing the looming threat of AIDS, which will touch their lives more closely than they ever could have imagined.

Heartbreaking yet hopeful, When You Call My Name tells the story of the moments that break our hearts and the people who make us whole – and shows how together we burn brightest in times of darkness.

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