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Winnie and Wilbur: The Big Bad Robot

Winnie and Wilbur: The Big Bad Robot by Valerie Thomas

Author: Valerie Thomas


Availability: Available on backorder


Page Count:32

Date Published:1 Sep 2016




Winnie and Wilbur have made a junk robot but Winnie wishes it was real . . . so she pulls out her magic wand. But the real robot is not at all helpful. It’s big and bad and when it grabs Winnie’s wand, things start to get totally out of control.

It’s a futuristic Winnie and Wilbur adventure! Korky Paul’s intricate artwork is full of madcap humour and crazy details to pore over. The spellbinding new look of this bestselling series celebrates the wonderful relationship that exists between Winnie the Witch and her big black cat, Wilbur.

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