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Women Who Read Are Dangerous

Women Who Read Are Dangerous by Stefan Bollmann

Author: Stefan Bollmann


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Page Count:156

Date Published:31 Mar 2016



As the book’s provocative title indicates, a woman reading was once viewed as radical. In chapters – such as: Intimate Moments and The Search for Oneself – Bollmann profiles how a woman with a book was once seen as idle or suspect and how women have gained autonomy through reading over the years. Bollmann offers intelligent and engaging commentary on each work of art in Women Who Read Are Dangerous, telling us who the subject is, her relationship to the artist, and even what she is reading.

With works ranging from a 1333 Annunciation painting of the angel Gabriel speaking to the Virgin Mary, book in hand, to 20th-century works, such as a stunning photograph of Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses, this appealing survey provides a veritable slideshow of the many iterations of a woman and her book; a compelling subject to this day. An excellent gift for graduates, teachers, or Mother’s Day, this elegant book should appeal to anyone interested in art, literature, or women’s history.

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